Is Hydroponics better than Soil?


   Is Hydroponics better than Soil? is the common question that raises among gardeners. Hydroponically grown plants have several advantages over soil gardening. So, let us have some brief information regarding this topic.

    Hydroponics is a soil less gardening technique, which is becoming more popular in present days. Many of the people are more convenient in growing their plants Hydroponically. In general, the main advantage of Hydroponic plants is, they have faster growth cycle compared to soil and also produce more yields. Some of the people may argue that hydroponics is expensive, but it does not mean to be true. Hydroponics is just the another way of growing plants. There are different types of Hydroponic systems to choose and also a wide range of affordable DIY options. With a proper planning, you can harvest fresh crops through out the year. There are various advantages in Hydroponics over soil.

Nutrients absorption:

    Plants grown Hydroponically get high amount of oxygen, especially when compared to soil gardening. And also the nutrients from the water can be easily absorbed by the roots. When the plants get the right nutrients, they does not require soil to thrive. You can have a complete control on nutrient levels. Plants grown in soil develop a larger root system, inorder to get the water and nutrients from the soil which are essential for growth. Whereas in Hydroponics, it is exactly the opposite. Because, it is easy for the plants to absorb the same nutrients directly from the water with smaller root system. Hence in Hydroponics, you can observe the healthy plant with a very small root system.

Space utilization:

    The space can be utilized better in Hydroponics. It is a great application for areas where space is very limited such as urban apartment dwellers. Depending upon the hydroponic system, you can grow your garden in a vertical or horizontal method, to make the best use out of the space available.

Water requirement:

    Though it is a hydroponics, it does not require large amount of water supplies. In Hydroponic systems only little amount of water is sufficient when compared to soil based system, because the water is reused. As the Hydroponic system provides water and nutrients throughout the year, it is easy to grow many plants at multi-tier levels.

Pests and Insects:

    The pest and organisms that cause problems to the plants are highly reduced. As there is no usage of soil, the soil borne pests are eliminated in Hydroponics. Therefore, no pesticides are used to kill the insects and control pests in your garden. Hydroponically grown plants are less susceptible to pests and disease. As there are no pests to control, higher yields are produced in Hydroponical plants.

    Among these various advantages there is one disadvantage in Hydroponics. It is the Hydroponic system is expensive. But there is a solution, You can make your own easy and cheap Hydroponic setup at Home. Based on your personal choice, you can choose any of these methods to grow plants, either soil gardening or hydroponic gardening. If you are interested in more topics on gardening, then take a look at The Home Gardenings.

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