How to make Bonsai Soil for beginners

    Like every other plant Bonsai also requires soil, water and light. The soil you choose for Bonsai, plays an important role in its overall survival, because it is different from normal houseplant soil. In case of normal plant, we try to develop root system which encourages the plant growth. But whereas in Bonsai the root system is shallow. So, it is very necessary to choose the right type of quality soil with nutrients especially for bonsai trees. As these Bonsai trees are delicate, a lot of patience and determination are required in taking care of them. Good bonsai soil must have a moisture holding capacity, good aeration and proper drainage. But be very careful in balancing these requirements.

    Too much water can cause the root rot and sometimes even kill the bonsai tree. So it is must to have a proper drainage. For that we use Brick crush and river sand, as they have good drainage capacity. For using brick crush, break the brick into pieces. Later, wash it thoroughly and dry it.

    Soil acts as a medium for your plant to grow and keep together the mix that you are making. Leaf mould is used to retain water that plant can use and allows to keep the soil moisture. As we all know that the Bonsai soil must have all essential nutrients that are required to grow at its best. So, for an extra amount of care we use mixed fertilizer. This fertilizer contains compost, bone dust, horn dust and NPK (10:26:26) to feed the Bonsai plant.

    These are just the guidelines in choosing the materials for your Bonsai soil. There are certain bonsai plants that need less water and there are some other kinds which need more. So, be sure to do a research on the type of the Bonsai that you would like to plant.

Composition for Bonsai Soil: Mix equal amounts of soil, leaf mould, brick crush and river sand. And add half amount of mixed fertilizer and also some neem cake powder to the mix. This neem cake powder acts as a pest control. Every component has its own specific role which is essential in maintaining the health of the bonsai trees.

    Make sure that there is no perfect soil for Bonsai trees. Different Bonsai trees require different soil mixtures, so make sure in giving the suitable mixture for your specific trees. For more information on how to care on Bonsai trees visit our blog The Home Gardenings.

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