How to grow and care a Christmas Cactus plant


    Christmas Cactus! It is the most popular and colorful plant to have around the house. Everyone likes to grow this beautiful plant at home which contains lots of flowers. Thanksgiving cactus, crab cactus and claw cactus are the most widely used common names of this Christmas Cactus. 

    Christmas Cactus is also a wonderful plant because of its beautiful flowers, which blooms for long time. Can you believe that Christmas Cactus plant can survive for decades? Yes it's true. It is a blooming succulent which lives up to years with colorful flowers. The Christmas Cactus plant comes in 6 to 7 different varieties of colors like white, pink, yellow, red, orange and purple. The blooms are found at the tips of the leaves and lasts for few months. Christmas Cactus can be easily grown in containers and pots. And also requires less maintenance. In winter season it starts blooming, more precisely since November till February. Even in indoors this plant can grow well and produce 100's of flowers. If there are no blooms you can give NPK 20:20:20 fertilizer. 2grams of NPK mixed in one litre can be given to Christmas Cactus to get more blooms.

Potting mix for Christmas Cactus:

    To grow Christmas Cactus the ingredients that should include in potting mix must contain lots of nutrients. Hence, the potting mix should be 80% mixture of leaf mould, cocopeat, Vermi compost, perlite and brick dust. And remaining 20% garden soil. Make sure to have a proper drainage system for containers. A little neem cake powder is also added to this potting mix, in order to avoid pests.


    The Christmas Cactus plant can be propagated easily from leaves. You can multiply the Christmas Cactus plants just from the cuttings. You can also buy the plant from the nearby nurseries. It just costs 75 to 100 rupees.


    Make sure to keep the Christmas Cactus plant in indirect sunlight. Just 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight is sufficient to grow this plant. So, this Christmas Cactus plant can be grown as an indoor plant where there is a bright sunlight or else you can grow in the shaded Balcony. Avoid placing the Christmas Cactus in direct sunlight, as they may burn the plant.


    Watering is required only when the top layer of the soil is dry. That means water should be given for every 3 to 4 days. Keep the soil moist while the Christmas Cactus plant is blooming.

    Mealybugs and scale insects may attack this Cactus plant. So, by spraying the soap water on leaves you can control these pests. Too much water may also cause the problem in Christmas Cactus, which in turn makes your plant die.

    Never try to repot the Christmas Cactus plant while it is blooming. The best time to repot is the early spring season. As we all know that for repotting the pot must be well draining pot with proper drainage holes.

    November is the best time to grow Christmas Cactus. Why late! Start planting Christmas Cactus now and make your garden look more beautiful. For more details about gardening visit The Home Gardenings.

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