How to Grow and Care an Areca Palm plant


     If you are looking for an ornamental plant to your home, then Areca Palm plant is the good choice. You might be noticed these areca palms growing everywhere in interiors from offices to shopping malls. As Areca Palm plant is the best oxygen giving plant i.e, air purifying plant, it can be grown indoors as well as outdoors if maintained well. These are easy growing plants and are widely available in many varieties and sizes. Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, Golden cane palm, Yellow palm and butterfly palm are the common names of Areca Palm plant.

Potting Soil for Areca Palm:

    For growing a healthy palm tree, soil is the most important factor. Loose and Porous soil with proper drainage is preferable to grow Areca Palms. The potting soil must also have the moisture retaining capacity. So, for that, the potting soil must contain cocopeat, sand, compost along with garden soil.

Sunlight required: 

    Many types of Areca Palms do best in bright and indirect sunlight to survive. Avoid direct sunlight, as it may burn the leaves. Since, Areca Palm trees are low maintenance plants, they can be grown indoors and outdoors. By providing the right amount of light, Areca Palm plant indoors can be grown successfully. When grown in outdoors, morning Sunlight is the best time to grow. East facing balconies and terraces are the good areas to grow your Areca Palm in containers.

Watering for Areca Palm plant:

    While doing watering be careful. You must do water only when the soil is dry. But remember under watering may cause drying of leaves and over watering may result in root rot and often kill your plant. Due to irregular watering, Areca Palm tips and leaves turn brown. So, every time you water the plant, water it thoroughly.

Fertilizers for Areca Palm:

    Make sure that the fertilizers given to Areca Palm must contain three major nutrients NPK i.e, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Fertilize Areca Palms for every two to three weeks. Compost is the best fertilizer for your Areca Palm plant to grow healthy. 

Areca Palm Propagation:

    One cannot grow Areca Palm from its cuttings. But there are two ways to propagate Areca Palm i.e, through seeds and Offshoots. You can collect seeds from the mature Areca Palm plant. Offshoot means the division of a mature plant that grown at its base. This method is the fastest and easiest way to propagate Areca Palm.

Benefits of growing Areca Palm:

    Areca Palm being an air purifying plant, absorbs air pollutants and several harmful chemicals from the surroundings. By absorbing all the toxins, it makes the air clean and fresh. Areca Palm not only purifies the air, it also adds beauty to the interior house. And also a safe plant for your pets.

    Why late! Get an Areca Palm plant from the nearby nurseries at a reasonable price and enjoy these benefits. For more details about indoor plants, you can go through our site The Home Gardenings. 

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