Best Hydroponic Nutrients for plant growth

    If you are a hydroponic gardener, you might be aware of the benefits of hydroponics over soil grown plants. All plants require certain nutrients to survive and to produce fruits and vegetables. Generally, In traditional gardening or soil based gardening, plants get sufficient amount of nutrients from the soil. Whereas in Hydroponics, this happens differently. Plants are grown only in water, so we have to add some nutrients that plants need to thrive. These nutrients are essential in growing any kind of plants, as it stabilizes the pH balance and provide the necessary nutrients for your plants.

What nutrients do we need for hydroponics?

    Firstly, let us know about Hydroponic nutrients! Hydroponic nutrients are the nutrients that are given for the hydroponically grown plants to survive. The major elements that should be included in nutrient solutions are nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, iron, manganese, boron and zinc. Of course, plants take hydrogen and oxygen from the water itself. These nutrients give the plant the energy that it needs to grow at every stage of its life. You can either make a homemade nutrient solution or buy ready-made one for your Hydroponic gardening. But, the nutrient solution must contain the essential macro and micro elements required for plant growth.

When to add nutrients to Hydroponics?

    At different stages of plant development, they need different nutrients. When your plants are in beginning stage, make sure that your nutrient solution is high in nitrogen. It helps in development of leaves and make your plants grow bigger and faster. When your plants begin to flower, the nutrient solution giving to the plants must contain high amounts of phosphorous. It helps in building strong root system and also vital for flower and seed production. And in fruiting stage, Potassium is very important in hydroponic gardening for its higher yield. It is required in all stages of growth because of its involvement in cell division and particularly in fruit development. The best nutrient solution for hydroponic growth must contain all these nutrients. The correct usage of nutrients in the right proportions at the right time in hydroponics is vital to a successful plant growth.

    Another thing you must consider is the pH level of the nutrient solution you choose. If the solution is too alkaline or too acidic, it could affect the plant growth. So, it is better to use pH meter to measure the pH level regularly, especially when the water is recycled.

How long do hydroponic nutrients last?

    In growing a hydroponic garden, you need to consider the nutrient levels for your plant growth. In Hydroponic system, the nutrients may last around a week to 10 days. But, regular testing of nutrient solution is required to balance the Hydroponic system. Generally, gardeners use EC/TDS meters to measure the nutrient levels in Hydroponics.

How often to change hydroponic water?

    Depending on your Hydroponic system you can change the water for around 2 weeks. But remember to maintain optimal pH and nutrient levels.

    Hydroponics is a clean and eco-friendly method for gardening. Beginners can give a try for this method. You can get some basic and useful tips regarding nutrients and Hydroponic plants through The Home Gardenings.

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