Basics on growing Bonsai tree for Beginners

    Beginners! Don't be over thinking that growing Bonsai is an extremely difficult task. I used to have the same feeling about growing Bonsai. But with some information and proper guidance, one can grow Bonsai easily. So, let us know the basic things to grow Bonsai tree. As years passed by, bonsai gardening became popular and a lot of people are showing interest in growing bonsai trees. The word "Bonsai" is derived from Japanese language. And it means a plant in a container.

    Bonsai is the art of growing a small plant into a miniaturized form of tree in containers. Depending on the type of bonsai tree, the height may vary from inches to feet. As they are sensitive to the climatic conditions, proper care and maintenance should be taken to grow the trees healthy. Bonsai's grown in different styles and shapes, give a beautiful and attractive look. One thing you must remember about growing bonsai trees is that it is not an exact science. It is an art, you can make your own style of Bonsai by pruning and training a shape to make it as natural as possible. These Bonsai trees can be placed anywhere, either indoor or outdoor to provide a great atmosphere.

How to start a Bonsai:

    There are many ways to grow or start a Bonsai. You can either grow from seeds or grow from small plants. There are no particular seeds available to grow Bonsai. Just the ordinary seeds of trees are used. But growing Bonsai from the seeds is a bit difficult and is the longest way to grow. Even though you germinate the seeds, they will grow into normal trees but not bonsai. By taking around 2 to 3 feet plant, that is grown in your garden you can make a good Bonsai tree. Or else you can buy a Bonsai tree that are available at different stages, from your nearby nurseries. For beginners, a partially trained tree is recommended to make Bonsai.

Soil for Bonsai:

    Choosing the right type of soil is very important in taking care of plants, especially bonsai trees. Normal potting mix is not recommended for them. The suitable soil for Bonsai is it must have proper drainage and provide enough aeration. Soil for Bonsai must contain compost, lava rock or perlite, granules, river sand and brick pieces. So that, they have good drainage and hold some moisture. As they are delicate, a lot of patience is required in taking care of them.

Pruning and Trimming:

    Shaping and pruning the tree is the most important aspect of growing a bonsai tree at home. At the younger stage, that means around 3 feet plant, you need to start pruning and trimming so that it starts to look like a mature tree. You should not over prune the plant, because it needs leaves for photosynthesis. The key part of the bonsai growing process is shaping. You can also use a wire to bend the tree to get a particular shape. Make the branches grow away from each other, so that they look natural.

    However, cultivating Bonsai requires time and effort, to be successful in having healthy Bonsai for years. Almost all the trees are suitable for making them as a Bonsai. Even fruits and flower plants can be made as Bonsai. After going through this brief information, you might get some basic idea about Bonsai. Later on, let us discuss how to take care of Bonsai and fertilizers that are required with clear explanation in The Home Gardenings. Please do visit this site, for more details about gardening.

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