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10 Basic tips for beginners to start a garden


    Today we are going to discuss about 10 important basic points to start a garden. If you are very new in gardening and you know nothing about it, this article will help you in telling how to start or begin home gardening for beginners, whether it is a terrace garden or your balcony. There are some easy gardening ideas for beginners to keep in mind while starting a new garden.

1. Buy some pots

2. Buy stud/khurpi

3. Buy one pair of gloves

4. How to water plants

5. Prepare soil mix

6. How to start seeds

7. Select easy growing plants

8. Preparation of fungicide

9. Preparation of insecticide

10. Taking care of plants regularly

1. Buy some pots: As for your convenience you can buy any kind of pots like urban pots, ceramic pots or plastic pots. These pots must have a hole in the bottom for easy drainage. Keep any broken pieces or stones and cover the hole which is inside the pot, so that the soil does not come out of the bottom. This is the preparation of pots to start a garden for beginners. Buy a visible number of pots or how much you need according to your gardening space.

2. Buy stud/khurpi: You can buy any kind of khurpi. One khurpi is enough for terrace gardening or balcony gardening which costs less than 50 rupees. It is helpful in digging out the soil, losing the soil and also removing particles from the soil of the container. This gardening tool is enough for beginners.

3. Buy one pair of gloves:  While gardening you need to wear a pair of gloves for your hands. It is very essential for starting your gardening. Gloves are available everywhere in shops which are of less cost. They protect your hands from any kind of injuries from the insects or by some usage of chemicals or anything else from the soil. A pair of gloves are much helpful for you in gardening.

4. How to water plants: Just you need a bucket and mug for watering the plants. Sprinkle the water on plants with your right hand by holding a mug with your other hand. Don't directly put water on plants. If you are not having any sprayer or sprinkler, you can use the waste bottle as a sprinkler by just keeping holes on the cap which is the easiest method, so that you need not spend a single penny on it.

5. Prepare soil mix: Mix 80% of garden soil consisting of fine particles and 20% of a good quality Vermi compost or cow dung compost. This is called Tendure mixture, which is the best composition mixture that is suitable for any kind of plants like fooding plants, flowering plants etc. Fill your pots with this mixture by leaving one inch vacant at the top-level in order to add some fertilizers and water. If you want to start some seedlings or get seedlings germination take 50% soil and 50% compost or the other combination of 50% cocopeat and 50% compost. You can buy cocopeat in any nursery gardens or even online it is available. 

6. How to start seeds: You can collect seeds from the kitchen. It is easy for beginners to start a garden from the available kitchen spices. Just soak the seeds for 12 hours and place the soaked seeds in a soil mix. Cover them with the same soil mix and sprinkle water on them. Keep them in semi shade for a couple of days. Once the seeds get germinated you can keep them in full sunlight. Do watering on alternate days or whenever the soil gets dry.

7. Select easy growing plants: Start with the easiest growing plants like aloe vera type plants, so that they grow fast and do not die easily. You can also grow Portulaca, tomato, mint etc.

8. Preparation of fungicide: Make your own antifungal, if your plants are attacked by fungus. Prepare Bordeaux mix, it is the combination of copper sulphate and slaked lime, which is the best fungicide for your plants. You can give this solution once a month. There are so many fungus remedies available on YouTube, which are easy to prepare at home.

9. Preparation of insecticide: If plants are attacked by different kinds of insecticides use 3ml of neem oil in one litre of water and also add 2ml of liquid dish wash soap or shampoo. Spray on the leaves of plants once in 15 days, they will take care of any kind of insects. If you don't want to buy any chemical insecticide, This is the easiest way to prepare at home. 

10. Taking care of plants regularly: It is very very essential to take care of plants daily. If it is the rainy season you have to decant water. 

    Important tip: Sunlight is very essential for growth. There must be at least 4 hours of direct sunlight in your garden. Hence the plants do not die. These are the important points for beginners to start a beautiful garden either in terrace or balcony. So why late by following these ideas and tips start gardening now.

    Here comes The Home Gardenings through which you can gain some more knowledge. We will help beginners with free tips and ideas for doing best gardening. For plant lovers, Happiness is no where, it is in just seeing there plants growing.

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